Ant Man VFX Breakdown By Scanline VFX

Ant Man VFX Breakdown By Scanline VFX


Rodeo FX worked on 132 shots including built extensions of Pym’s Lab and created shrink-and-grow effects in four different locations. All the sequences where Hank Pym’s lab shrinks and grows from the size of a suitcase to a full-sized building, as well as the surrounding disturbances that Rodeo FX team created with FX simulations.

They also worked on environment extensions for the film, such as adding CG sequoias to a Georgian forest and creating and animating a CG pigeon who refuses to leave on Pym’s suitcase-sized lab.

One of our favorite sequences for Rodeo FX is the destruction scene at San Francisco’s Pier 41. As Pym’s lab suddenly grows back to its regular building size, it destroys everything around it from the ground to trees, benches, and newsstands.

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The Restaurant and Kitchen Fight sequences, Waterfront and San Francisco Bay scenes, shots of the giant ant in Scott’s apartment, the post-credits Quantum Realm shots and a variety of one-off’s scattered throughout the film.

Besides that, we also built the CG digi-doubles for both Ant-Man and the Wasp. 320 shots Scanline VFX delivered



Jelmer Boskma, VFX Supervisor at Scanline VFX

sequences made by Scanline VFX

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