Best Cool drawing ideas for beginners

Best Cool drawing ideas for beginners

For Beginners, It’s hard to Draw Cool drawings. If you are one among them this article is for you!! In this article, we have some examples of Cool drawing ideas for beginners.

To Draw a Cool design in the Beginning, Start with Basic Shapes, Practise for a While. For example, If you want to Start a human figure I recommend Start with the face drawing.

After practicing Number times you’ll get perfect figure drawing. Now let’s Find out Cool drawing ideas.

Here are examples to practice Cool drawing ideas for beginners.

1.Basic Shapes

Every beginner has to start with three basic shapes like Circle, Triangle, and Square in the same sizes. If you have practiced on basic shapes for enough time, That’s it now you can start with advanced drawings. So be perfect in basic shapes before starting the advanced sketches.

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2.object drawings

Have you observed?  We have So many objects around us!! Now, try to Draw objects you have. it’s actual idea to draw objects around us because every object has a different shape so that you get to practice a lot.

Cool drawing ideas for beginners


3.Animals/human Drawings

Completing the basic part, Now begin with Advanced Sketches, I recommend starting with animals later go to human drawings. Select the basic animals like fish, dog, cat and etc. Draw a simple sketch of them like when we use to draw in our primary schools. try to complete all the basic animals.

So practice until you have satisfied with your drawing. If your not getting don’t worry just practice!! One day you’ll definitely feel different on your sketches.

So here I have more  Cool drawing ideas for beginners have a look!!

 Cool Drawing ideas for Practise

  1. Kitchen utensils, like a whisk or slotted spoon
  2. Your self-portrait
  3. A family photograph that you cherish
  4. Your feet (or someone else’s feet)
  5. Your hands (or someone else’s hands)
  6. Make a copy of your favorite painting or statue (bonus points if it’s in a museum)
  7. Recreate scientific renderings of bugs or birds (such as John James Audubon)
  8. A closeup of your eye
  9. An object in a glass dish
  10. What you’re wearing today
  11. Collection of your favorite things
  12. The interior of your living room
  13. A houseplant
  14. Imagine a home in outer space
  15. Render your favorite memory
  16. Everything in the world is topsy-turvy (up is down, down is up)
  17. Animal dressed like a human
  18. A neighborhood of treehouses
  19. An unlikely pair of friends
  20. A mad tea party
  21. A forklift lifting spaghetti and meatballs
  22. Aerial view of your favorite place
  23. Superheroes in real life
  24. Mashup of two characters in pop culture
  25. M.C. Escher-style interior
  26. Your world in LEGOs
  27. A drawing of a drawing
  28. Swap the scale of two subjects
  29. It’s raining… (not water)
  30. A llama wearing a top hat
  31. Combine two subjects that don’t go together into one scene
  32. Draw a new fish tank for a fish
  33. Imagine a wolf made of branches
  34. Cover a sheet of paper with an array of flowers
  35. Design the exterior of your dream house
  36. Build your own castle
  37. Fill a silhouette portrait with geometric designs
  38. Make your own pattern
  39. Draw a still life in the Cubist style
  40. Illustrate a vivid dream you or someone else has had.

So here is the article about Cool drawing ideas for beginners, What do you think? Are there other cool drawing ideas you would add to this list? Share them with us.


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