How to create 3d text in Photoshop [beginners method]

Photoshop is an amazing Software, Users Can have multiple tools to design essential. Photoshop has developed several tools, Users can create almost every designing style. Although, In this article, we learn how to create 3d text in photoshop.

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3d text in Photoshop

So here are steps to create 3d text in photoshop

1. Create New File

Open the Adobe Photoshop, in file menu located at the top corner and create the new file according to your requirements.

3d text in Photoshop

2. Type Text


Now Select the Text tool and type text on it. you can select any font which you what to make a 3d effect. Now move to the layers panel right click on the top layer, There you can find the option called “New 3D excursion from the selected layer” Click on It!!

3. adjust 3d options

Now, you can find the 3d option in the layers panel. select the two layers to click on “Postcard”, Again select two layers click on Merge. on the top right corner adjust the properties and change colors if you want.

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4. Render

So finally Completing designing the text, Here is the last step to finish the process. Click on the 3D option on the top and select render!! that’s it you have done.

Note: Photoshop takes time to render the image after finishing you can see the final image. file

Now save the file in png or jpeg format.

Final Word

Photoshop has a number of tools to create new designs. You can create any type of designs using photoshop.

What do you think? Are there another tips you would add to this list? Share them with us.

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