How to create oil paint effect in Photoshop [In 2 steps]

The Oil Paint filter was first introduced as an official filter in Photoshop CS6. But for whatever reason, it vanished in the initial release of Photoshop CC. Thankfully, as of the November 2015 Creative Cloud updates, the Oil Paint filter is back! And even though it’s essentially the same filter that it was back in CS6, the CC version now sports a much smaller, less intimidating dialog box that makes using it seems easier than ever. So in this article, we are going to learn about How to create oil paint effect in Photoshop.

Here are the steps to create oil paint effect in Photoshop

Step: 1

Create a New Document, Now import the image which you want to apply the oil paint effect. Click Ctrl+ A to select that image and then press Ctrl+ C to copy it. After that, create a new layer in your document and press Ctrl+ V to paste the image. Now go to Edit > Free transform tool and resize the image according to your need using this tool.

Step: 2

Now apply oil painting effect on it using various filters in Photoshop. Firstly, duplicate image by going to Layer > Duplicate layer. We’ll work on this duplicated image now. Go to Filter > Artistic > Plastic wrap and use the given settings but do not click ‘Ok’ as we are going to apply a few more filters.

Step: 3

Now click on the ‘new effect layer’ icon, which is present at the bottom of this palette. Then click on ‘paint daubs’ option and use the following settings. Once again click on ‘new effect layer’ icon. Then click on ‘texture folder’ and select ‘texturizer’. Use the given settings for a texturizer. Now press the ‘new effect layer’ icon and click on the ‘distort folder’. Select ‘glass’ from the menu and use the displayed values. You can press ‘Ok’ now.

create oil paint effect in Photoshop

Step: 4

Next, we’ll give it emboss appearance. Click on the original image layer and duplicate it. Place this ‘copy layer’ above the ‘oil painting layer’. Now go to Image > Adjustments > Black and White and use the default settings here. Lastly, go to Filter > Stylize > Emboss and use the given values.  Change the blending mode of this layer to ‘vivid light’. That’s all guys. You have created oil paint effect in Photoshop.

create oil paint effect in Photoshop

oil painting images


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