How to do adobe after effects motion tracking [Easiest Method]

The adobe after effects motion tracking option makes easy to track the footage. The advantage of tracking is we can insert any object with a matching sequence. adobe after effects have one greatest option is motion tracking. Some other software is also can do motion tracking but adobe after effects give you a good quality of output.

After effects tracking is easy to understand just you have placed the marks on tacking points of a footage. So let’s find out  motion track after effects

How adobe after effects motion tracking works.


First, import your motion tracking footage into adobe after effects. Know point out the work area in and out to start motion tracking.


Create a Null object above the motion tracking footage. The Null object is created to render all the tracking data easily.


Now select the motion tracking footage and go to animation select track motion.


You can see the tracking point on your tracking footage, Now select the tracking point of your footage. remember that select the point which has bright pixels because the motion tracking only take bright pixels. It can track bright pixels easily.


After arranging the tracking points, click on the play button in the track motion effect. Make sure your timeline slider is in the starting point. Now click on to start.

It will render the complete motion tracking footage and finally, it gives you tracking footage.


Import any object or text into the timeline and connect that layer to the null object as shown in the image below. To track the object or text according to the motion tracking footage.

That’s it you have done.

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What do you think? Are there another methods for motion track you would add to this list? Share them with us.

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