Infinity War Visual Effects

Infinity War Visual Effects

So In this article let’s see discuss “Avengers Infinity War Visual Effects”.

In the film, the Thanos character was primarily produced by Digital Domain, who did more than 400 shots. Digital Domain team used Autodesk Maya for modeling, rigging and animation; Chaos Group’s V-Ray for rendering; Side Effects Houdini for effects; a proprietary Maya plug-in called Atomic for lighting; and Digital Domain’s new Masquerade tool and their custom Direct Drive for transferring motion capture data to the CG character.

Further on Weta Digital handled the major fight on Titan between Thanos and Dr. Strange, Star-lord, Spiderman, Mantus, Drax and Ironman. Weta Digital created the 12-foot tall purple villain for sequences on Titan. Weta Digital worked on 398 shots.

 Infinity War Visual Effects

The New York fight sequence sees well-known Marvel characters Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Spider-Man (Tom Holland), Wong (Benedict Wongand Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) take on members of the Black Order in an action-packed attack. ‘We were awarded a whole act, which was a really nice body of work’, says Patric Roos, VFX Supervisor. ‘The work was a real mix of full CG shots, plate shots, FX, set extensions, magic spells and a lot of character work.’

Roos supervised the shoot at Pinewood Studios, Atlanta in which large areas around Doctor Strange’s sanctum had been built, as well as the green screen, which the team extended to mimic Manhattan. The fight moves on to Washington Square Park, which was replaced in full CG. Framestore’s Capture Lab spent a month in Manhattan and New Jersey shooting photo reference, LIDAR and gigapixel panoramas to capture the environments that had to be recreated in CG. ‘Production closed down whole city blocks’, says Richard Graham, CaptureLab Studio Manager. ‘We came back with more than 250,000 photos and 15TB of data to be used by the environments team to build Washington Square Park and the West Village, among others.’



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