New Teaser of Attack on Titan Season 3

New Teaser of Attack on Titan Season 3

Toonami is making some major modifications to its August schedule as it makes space for contemporary shows, and, adore it did with Season 2, Toonami will begin airing attack on Titan Season three quite soon after it began its run in Japan.

New Teaser of Attack on Titan Season 3

In practice for its August 18 broadcast greatest, Toonami unveiled a brand new teaser for the series featuring some of the maximum intense moments from the first few episodes of the series.

The attack on Titan premieres on August 18 at 11 PM EST on Toonami, and if you have yet to see it for yourself, here’s what’s Megan Peters had to say about the first episode in her review:

“If you can get through the premiere’s slow opening, Attack on Titan rewards fans with plenty of action at the end thanks to Captain Levi. Season Three has a lead-in worthy of the Survey Scouts, but its second episode has some serious responsibility to follow through on the action promised by the premiere’s ringing cliffhanger.”

The third season of the series also brings about a major change for the characters and tone. With more of a focus on character than ever before, the third season has already made major strides in how Attack on Titan presents its world within just a few weeks of release. It’s human vs. human now rather than human vs. Titan, so this new dynamic has already resulted in some wild new revelations.

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