Rich The Kid Account Hacked?? Here the story!

many of wealthy The kid’s fans were spending the day preoccupied approximately what the hell turned into taking place with him. a few days in the past, he becomes trashing his label, nearly begging to get bought out of his agreement with 300entertainment and the drama inside his rich forever label was delivered to light. Then, the star erased all of his Instagram posts besides for one which study, “R.i.P. rich the kid 1992-2018.” Many speculated that he had been hacked, was changing his call to get out of his deal or that he may truly be lifelessthankfully, RTK chimed in on his Instagram story to quit all people‘s fear. So here is the about Rich The Kid Account Hacked.

Rich The Kid Account Hacked

Here is the Actual Story

In his words, “I’m not dead I was high as shit.” Well, that explains things… We’re not quite sure what would make Rich want to scare his fans the way he did this morning but we’re glad to hear he’s doing well. The Rich Forever CEO has since deleted the cryptic post, leaving zero uploads on his Instagram profile. In the same addition to his story, the Atlanta artist apologized to his fans and declared his undying love for them.

while the replace actually clears up wealthy‘s status, it doesn’t answer the name trade rumors that everybody become hunting at. perhaps things have been settled with 300 and this is his manner of overlaying up the drama? Regardless, we’re happy to listen that he is doing nicely and we hope the label state of affairs receives sorted out soon. Peep his post below.
Rich The Kid Account Hacked

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