top 10 best fonts for websites

If you are searching for best fonts for websites you have landed in the correct place. Generally, there are thousands of fonts available online but designers pick some unique fonts in the list. because those fonts have a unique style. The best part of unique fonts is, Your site looks more attractive. Now, picking up a good font is also a difficult task, because there are lakhs of fonts available online. In that list we have to choose the best font for our website is difficult. So here we have the top 10 best fonts websites you can choose for your website.

Top 10 best fonts for websites

 1.Fira Sans

Fira Sans was created by legendary type designer Erik Spiekermann
Top 10 best fonts for websites
  1. Free web font Fira Sans was created by legendary type designer Erik Spiekermann, with additional contributions from Carrois Type Design.
  2. Designed to integrate with the character of the Mozilla FirefoxOS, the Fira family aims to cover the legibility needs for a large range of handsets varying in screen quality and rendering.

2.GT Walsheim

top 10 best fonts for websites

  1. Used by many design blogs these days, GT Walsheim is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Noël Leu and released in 2010 through Swiss foundry Grilli Type.
  2. You have to pay for the full font family, but Grillit Type kindly offers GT Walsheim as a free trial, so you can try before you buy.

3.League Gothic

  1. Originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for the American Type Founders Company in 1903, League Gothic has been given a new lease of life thanks to The League of Moveable Type.
  2. Thanks to a commission from, the web font has been revised and updated with contributions from Micah Rich, Tyler Finck, and Dannci, who have contributed the extra glyphs.


  1. A Unicode-compliant Latin and Devanagari text type family designed for the digital age, Palanquin is a versatile font family that strikes the balance between typographic conventions and visual flair.
  2. It consists of seven text weights and can be extended with a heavier display family, Palanquin Dark.

5.Ostrich Sans

  1. Available from The League of Moveable Type, free web font Ostrich Sans is a gorgeous modern sans-serif with a very long neck.
  2. The family comes complete with a number of styles and weights, including dash, rounded, ultra light, normal and black.


  1. The Fjord is a serif typeface, originally designed with printed books in mind, and particularly intended for long texts in small print sizes.
  2. This will look great for your longer content on the web as it features sturdy construction, prominent serifs, low-contrast modulation and long elegant ascenders and descenders relative to the ‘x’ height.

7.Open Sans

  1. Designed by Steve Matteson, type director at Ascender Corp, this humanist sans serif boasts great legibility even at small sizes and has been optimized for both web and mobile interfaces.
  2. This free web font has an upright feel, with open letterforms and a neutral-yet-friendly appearance that ensures versatility.

8.Josefin Slab

  1. Drawing on the trend for 1930s-style geometric typefaces with some added Scandinavian flavour, Santiago Orozco’s distinctive slab serif brings a distinctive ‘typewriter’ feel to its sans serif counterpart, and this free web font is perhaps best suited to display use.
  2. Unusually, Josefin’s x-height is half that of its caps height.

9. Do Hyeon

  1. Taking its inspiration from old and kitschy hand-cut vinyl letters on acrylic sheets, Do Hyeon is a Latin and Korean split font.
  2. In this set, consonants and vowels are visually connected, and the font even selects the right consonant for its adjacent vowel. Pretty clever.

10.PT Sans

  1. PT Sans was developed for the project Public Types of Russian Federation.
  2. Based on Russian sans serif types of the second part of the 20th century, free web font PT Sans also incorporates distinctive features of contemporary humanistic designs.

So here are the top 10 best fonts for websites, If you know any unique fonts please comment in the below section. For more interesting information please follow our blog.

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