Top 5 Css animation Examples

The CSS animation examples are visible on the latest websites. Those examples are trending in 2018. CSS animation brings the website into an outstanding look. however, Websites which are good css animations have a good chance of attracting the online visitors. So in this article lets see about Top 5 CSS animation Examples.


What is CSS Animation?

Basically, CSS animation method of animating certain HTML elements without having to use processor and memory-hungry JavaScript or Flash.


Top 5 CSS Animation Examples

1.Blowing bubbles


The First Example of CSS animation is blowing bubble animation. Animation Consists of a few elements: the SVG ‘drawing’ of the bubbles and then two animations applied to each bubble. In this Programm, first animation shows change the opacity of the bubble and move it vertically in the view box; the second creates the wobbling effect for added realism.

In order to create your blowing bubble designs here is the code for creating the design of bubbles.

View Code

2.Chasing circles

This Animation created using four circles which do not have a fill color. In order to import this design use the code which is given below.

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View Code

3. Falling snow

Snow is created using SVG and the technique is very similar to the way we created the bubbles earlier. To start, we create two layers of circles inside an SVG, then we animate those two layers by translating the Y value with a keyframe animation.

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4.Colorful transitions

The animation consists of transforming the X position by the width of the SVG. Using nth-of-type, we apply delays, offsetting each by 75ms from the last to create a smooth transition. The transition is simple and consists of an SVG containing a number of different-sized rectangles of different colors positioned on top of one another.

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5.Pulsing circles

The pulse animation used on the Peek-a-Beat website is simple yet effective and not difficult to reproduce. It consists of three circles inside an SVG – we simply animate their scale and opacity.

View Code




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