Top animated movies on Netflix 2018

Top animated movies on Netflix 2018

Netflix Have substantial subscriptions worldwide, recently Netflix started adding top animated movies on their list. Subscribers can also watch the best new animated movies released this year. Since there is no independent section for animated movies on Netflix. Here We found some of the interesting movies for kids and adults. In this article, we mentioned some of the Top animated movies on Netflix 2018.

.Here are the best animated movies streaming on Netflix:

Lilo and Stitch

Before Moana, there was Lilo and StitchDisney’s other 2000s animated tale set in the Oceanic region. The sci-fi comedy follows Lilo, a young girl who lives with her older sister following the passing of her parents. Lilo’s sister agrees for her to adopt a dog, but instead, she ends up with an escaped alien creation, codenamed Experiment 626, who crash-landed on the planet after escaping from its captors. Under Lilo’s tutelage, Stitch must learn how to behave like a polite being on Earth, in order to escape both the watch of the government and the aliens who have come to get him back. Lilo and Stitch led to three direct-to-DVD sequels, a full series on Disney Channel, and plenty of merchandise still available today. The movie feels slight for how much it eventually led to, but it’s also the best of the entire media franchise.

The Iron Giant

Brad Bird’s feature debut was a traditional 2-D animation when computer animation was the craze, released by studio folk who didn’t realize just how special a film they had on their hands. Luckily, The Iron Giant received its due recognition on home video. Set in the 1950s and drawing off the nuclear fears of the time, it incorporates the hallmark of the era’s science-fiction—a giant metal robot—into a touching coming-of-age story. Bird effortlessly moves between riotous comedy (such as young Hogarth’s efforts to hide his enormous new robot friend from his mother), high-spun action and poignant moments of fear and friendship.

Kung Fu Panda

Like Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle, DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda punctuates its light-hearted, comedic tone with surprisingly poignant moments along with nonstop homages to a giant list of truly classic Kung Fu films, often scene by scene. In the end, I had to give it to Kung Fu Panda as the more tightly constructed film, though really, they both might as well share this spot with the sheer amount of love for the genre that comes through when watching either film. Jack Black voices Po’s (totally awesome) journey from bumbling martial arts fanboy to unlikely hero with such sincerity that it’s hard not to get swept along, especially given the equally strong performances by Dustin Hoffman as the perpetually exasperated Master Shifu and Ian McShane as the menacing Tai Lung.

Top animated movies on Netflix 2018

The Breadwinner

It has been nominated for a 2018 Oscar in the category of Best Animated Feature Film. If that’s not enough to entice you, how about the fact that this beautifully animated tale does more to humanize the people living under Taliban rule in Afghanistan than just about anything else we’ve seen over the last 20 years. It also deftly lays out the beleaguered history of the region across the centuries as wave after wave of would-be conquerors and subjugators storm into the area only to leave it in disarray.

But The Breadwinner quickly moves away from this framing of the story and gets to the heart of the story itself. Centering on the young Afghanistan girl Parvana, it tells of her defiance of Taliban rule in the face of violence and certain death in order to provide for her family. Women and girls are second-class citizens under this regime, and the fact of this oppression is felt so strongly throughout the early telling of the tale that, when Parvana disguises herself as a boy in order to buy food, fetch water, and earn a living, her relative freedom and joy are palpable. It’s a tough tale at times, but a heartening one, and beautifully told.

Waking Life

Waking Life is Richard Linklater’s most formal inquiry into the Big Questions. Though also his most boldly experimental, the film can be read as something of a companion piece to his 1991 film, Slacker—both generously afford their multiple subjects spacious platforms in which to espouse their views. Waking Life draws upon a method of delivery that more closely matches the ephemeral nature of those intellectual and existential musings, and places the setting inside the dream of an introspective and curious young man. Employing an economical, but ingenious, rotoscopic animation technique pioneered by Art Director Bob Sabiston, Waking Life’s signature visual style is as elegant and variable as the dream world it inhabits. Sometimes wild and chaotic, sometimes gently shifting and tranquil, the choice to digitally paint over the video allowed Linklater the additional freedom to interpret the segment jumps both fluidly and with vivid, expressionistic flair, calling out artistic movements spanning over a century. Waking Life provides the viewer with plenty to contemplate and is dazzled.

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Disney’s Mulan

From the animated movies on Netflix list one of the upcoming movies is  Disney’s arguably most progressive and forward-thinking “princess” film Mulan. it arrived in theaters, impressing audiences with its story, its style, and its Oscar-nominated score. (You’re probably already singing/humming Christina Aguilera‘s “Reflections” right now.) And though it’ll never be forgotten, Mulan‘s rebellious story will be getting the live-action treatment thanks to Disney’s penchant for reviving classic animated tales with modern casts and filmmaking technology. But if you need a refresher…

Mulan is the retelling of a Chinese folktale about a young maiden who disguises herself as a man in order to take her ailing father’s place when he’s conscripted into the military. Learning of this, her ancestors send a small messenger dragon in order to dissuade her from her plan, but Mulan’s courage and charisma sways the miniscule Mushu to her side instead. The story’s impact can still be felt today, perhaps more than ever, in society at large but also in films like The Breadwinner, which shares some themes in common. Watch Mulan again for a revisit with old friends before the new movie arrives in 2020!

Top animated movies on Netflix 2018

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Based on the French, gothic novel of the same name, this film comes to us in Disney animated musical drama format. Definitely one of Disney’s darker animated classics, the film follows Quasimodo, the somber, deformed bell-ringer of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, who lives hidden from the exterior world. The score, composed by Alan Menken and written by Stephen Schwartz, makes the film’s lessons against superficiality a bit more uplifting than they would be otherwise.


Pocahontas is one of Disney’s iconic pictures that’s tailor-made for a live-action remake, but oddly enough, it’s not on the list. Maybe that’s because some of the colonialist themes of the story are a tough sell in the current era, or maybe it just wasn’t on this wave of productions, but Pocahontas is right up there with Mulan as a way for Disney to both capitalize on their popular IP and provide opportunities for marginalized and minority cast and crew members alike.


Z is a worker drone ant who lives in a productive ant colony in Central Park. His colony believes the group is more important than the individual, but Z dreams of having his own accomplishments in life. He decides to pursue the Queen’s daughter Bala and ends up leading a rebellion along with other worker ants in the colony. The film had the unfortunate reality of being released just a month before Pixar’s A Bug’s Life, which led to millions of people missing out on the film and writing it off completely, and a feud between Pixar and Dreamworks regarding the similarities between the two films.

Top animated movies on Netflix 2018

The Golden Age Arc

Netflix is decidedly light on anime features as compared to some of the other streaming platforms out there—though it does have a pretty impressive roster of anime series—but this one should make for a decent introduction. It’s a dark fantasy story inspired by Medieval Europe that features bloody battles, over-the-top heroes and villains, and a more extensive mythology than you’ll find in most contemporary animated features. There’s also quite the twisting, turning evolution of political machinations and personal aspirations that runs though it all.


Home is a hammy, intro-to-colonialism flick for kids, the precursor to Disney’s 2016 intro-to-racism film, Zootopia. But Home’s goofy, hyperbolic melodrama works in its favor, in large part because said goofy, hyperbolic melodrama is couched within the parameters of animated children’s fare, and is more palatable as a result. If you’re the parent of young kids, and if you want to introduce them to the joys of science-fiction, Home is a fine place to start, where Oh (Jim Parsons), an endearingly loquacious member of the alien race known as the Boovs, befriends Tip (Rihanna), a teenager searching for her mother in Australia. (On paper you’d think Parsons and Rihanna’d go together like peanut butter and pickles, but they’re utterly charming as a team.) Why Australia? Because that’s where the Boovs relocate all of humanity following a “friendly” invasion of Earth, which they deem a suitable planet to call their new home after escaping their enemies, the Gorg. It’s a bit basic, but basic works in Home’s favor, allowing its darker subtext to shine without feeling overwhelming for kids or dishonest for adults.

The Secret Life of Pets

Like SingThe Secret Life of Pets comes from Illumination Entertainment, the creators of Minions. In The Secret Life of Pets, audiences around the world were introduced to some lovable pups, cats, birds, and so much more. The film stars a Jack Russell Terrier named Max (Louis CK), who lives with his owner Katie (Ellie Kemper) in Manhattan. During the day, he hangs out with the rest of his apartment building’s crew, including tabby cat Chloe, pug Mel, and many more. Everything changes when Katie brings home a new dog, Duke (Eric Stonestreet), a large mongrel dog who doesn’t get along with Max. After a mishap involves Max and Duke getting lost in the city, the two must find their way back to their owner while avoiding rogue animal gangs and dogcatchers. A sequel will arrive in 2019, but without Louis CK in the role of Max.

Top animated movies on Netflix 2018


To be honest, the animation in 2005’s Hoodwinked hasn’t aged well. Unlike most of the films on this list, Hoodwinked was self-funded and independently animated, made on a budget of less than $8 million. Still, the film managed to receive strong reviews outside of the animation quality, and both its script and the film’s voice actors have all received praised. The film reimagines the story of Red Riding Hood as a police investigation story, using flashbacks and clues to tell the story from multiple points of view. The film begins when Red (Anne Hathaway) has discovered that the Big Bad Wolf (Patrick Warburton) has disguised himself as her grandmother, only for Granny (Glenn Close), to jump out of the closet just as the Woodsman (Jim Belushi) bursts through the window. As police investigate the situation, they learnt that not all is as it seems.

The Prince of Egypt

The music from this film alone makes it worth the watch, as evidenced by the Oscar-winning song “When You Believe.” And yet the power of The Prince of Egypt is in its ancient, religious story that is still at the heart of many cultures today. While it might not be the most historically accurate retelling of the ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, and the Exodus that you’ll ever see, it’s an honest attempt to present that telling in a mature fashion.

One of DreamWorks Animation’s earliest pictures, The Prince of Egypt tells the well-known story of the life of Moses, from his inauspicious beginnings, to his young adulthood in the court of the Pharaoh, to his eventual realization of his true heritage and the ultimate achievement of leading his people out from under the Egyptian leader’s cruel rule. It’s an impressive visual and aural display that’s a worthwhile adaptation of an ancient story, and one that brings archaic practices into a contemporary light.

Miss Hokusai

Miss Hokusai is based on the 1980s manga of the same name, adapted into a 90 minute feature film from 2015. The film follows alternating episodes between the lives of O-Ei and her father Tetsuzo in the early 1800s, as painters from around Japan come to visit.

The film presents O-Ei as a talented artist who helps Tetsuzo with his artwork, including assisting to fix a painting of a Japanese dragon that was damaged the night before it was to be delivered. it also follows O-Ei as she visits her blind half-sister, whom her father refuses to visit due to her blindness and his fear of disease. The heart-wrenching look at family, talent, art, and ambition, and is most certainly worth watching on the service. One of the few projects streaming on Netflix based on historical events, Miss Hokusai is well-worth watching; the film holds a 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Top animated movies on Netflix 2018

April and the Extraordinary World

Yet another French-animated film, April and the Extraordinary World (also known as Avril et le Monde Truqué) is notable for its unique animation style, its adaptation of steampunk aesthetics, and utilizing the work of French cartoonist Jacques Tardi. The film begins in 1870, on the eve of the Franco-Prussian War, as Napoleon III visits the lab of Gustave Franklin to view the creation of his army of supersoldiers. Disgusted and upset by the creations of Franklin, Napoleon tries to kill the creations, instead murdering both himself and Franklin in an explosion. Over the next sixty years, as scientists begin to disappear from around the world, Europe becomes morphed and twisted by the reliance on coal to continue with technological breakthroughs. In this new world, April (Marion Cotillard) leaves on a mission with her talking cat to find her parents.


Released back in 2001 to critical and audience acclaim, Dream Works Animation’s Shrek remains one of the best CG-animated features ever made. Not only does this fractured fairytale flip the tropes that Disney made famous on their heads, it manages to be more than just a satirical comedy by injecting heart, humor, and drop-dead-funny one-liners into the high fantasy adventure tale.

Before it went on to make an ogre-load of money and launch multiple sequels and spin-offs, Shrek stood as the pinnacle of what computer-generated animation could achieve in 2001. Above and beyond that, when audiences finally got a chance to see that animation in action on the big screen, they found themselves face to face with an ogre who wasn’t so scary, a princess who wasn’t so dainty, and a fairytale world that wasn’t trapped in the conventions of the past. Shrek has become a contemporary classic and almost 20 years later, it still hasn’t lost its unique brand of magic. – Dave Trumbore

Bee Movie

What would have been a forgotten kids movie of the 2000s has seen a bump in popularity over the last two years thanks to a resoundingly-popular meme, one surely embraced by Netflix when they gained the rights to stream Bee Movie. Produced, written, and starring Jerry Seinfeld, Bee Movie is, for what it’s worth, a deeply odd film, avoiding the traditional trappings of a three-act structure made for children and detailing what happens when Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) introduces himself to the human population and sues to stop the world from consuming and selling their honey. Strange plot details aside (including moments where both Sting and Goodfellas star Ray Liotta portray animated versions of themselves on trial), the film is pretty standard fare from Dreamworks, but it’s worth watching just to see how weird 2000s animation could be.
Top animated movies on Netflix 2018

The Emperor’s New Groove

In the aftermath of the Disney Renaissance, the animation department was a bit lost. Some of their films were outright disasters either critically (Home on the Range, a film that basically doesn’t exist) or commercially (Treasure Planet), while other oddball entries have their set of fans. The Emperor’s New Groove is one such film; though it may not feature the love and heart of something like The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, it’s a comically-zany film that is genuinely hilarious. When Emperor Kuzco (the voice of David Spade) is transformed into a llama by his advisor Yzma (Eartha Kitt, having a ball) in order to get him out of the ruler’s seat, he must work together with Pacha (John Goodman) to get him back on the throne before being killed once and for all.

Chicken Run

It’s not like the House of Aardman has never had a dud. Flushed Away wasn’t particularly great and not every single short need to be seen to understand the dry, comical appeal of Aardman’s style and perspective. Most of the time, however, Aardman leads the charge for stop-motion animation through new classics like Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit and this oft-forgotten, an exquisite takeoff on The Great Escape. Julia Sawalha voices Ginger, a chicken who is looking to lead a rebellion amongst her sisters against her evil farmer owners, the Tweedys, voiced by Miranda Richardson and Tony Haygarth, and gets a miraculous bit of help from a damaged rooster named Rocky (Mel Gibson). Not only is the movie a marvel of clever parody in its conflation of something like Peter Rabbit with The Great Escape, it’s also a very open appeal for labor reform and animal rights. All that, however, ends up being secondary to the sheer thrill of watching Aardman’s world of wonders, giving a full sense of a farm as a living ecosystem and a realm of unending physical work. A weaker film would put all the focus on the romance that blooms between Ginger and Rocky, whereas in the finished product of Chicken Run, their cute courtship is merely a facet of a much larger, endlessly entertaining whirligig.


It says a lot about the state of America’s cultural dialogues on acceptance and discrimination that a Disney movie feels this urgent, but maybe a movie about animals living under the impression of harmony is a long-term solution for our short-term failures. Then again, we’re talking about a cartoon where TV’s Snow White teams up with Michael Bluth in a sort-of riff on 48 Hours that expands to include references to The Godfather and Breaking BadZootopia is smart in the way it approaches race relations, if unsophisticated and childish. But there are worse things a children’s movie can be than childish, and in Zootopia that word sheds its pejorative implications and instead feels befitting in its innocence. The story takes place in the sprawling zoological metropolis of the title, a place where beasts of all makes and models—large and small, meek and ferocious—somehow manage to coexist in an approximation of civilized society. This is a movie that’s all about big, heartfelt honesty between its principals and its audience. Simple though its politics may be, the film is effective—and coming from a mainstream studio, it is even just daring enough to make a difference.

Top animated movies on Netflix 2018

The Land Before Time

Before Spielberg set foot in Jurassic Park, his fascination with dinosaurs led him to executive-produce the 1988 animated hit The Land Before Time, chronicling the adventures of Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, and Petrie, four child dinosaurs living in a prehistoric era. Directed and produced by animated Don Bluth, who made his name directing work like Pete’s DragonAn American Tail, and The Secret of NIMHThe Land Before Time finds Littlefoot and his friends separated from their herd of dinosaurs who are trying to reach the Great Valley, an oasis that promises to deliver the herd from the famine that has fallen over the land.




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